Documentation Criteria

All requests for a withdrawal with extenuating circumstances (partial or full) must include the following documentation listed below. Failure to submit the documentation will result in your request not being processed. Students may be required to submit additional documentation that may be needed to make an informed decision. These are some examples of documentation to support a WE request. If a student has a question, please call Student Assistance and Support Services.

Medical (Physical and/or mental Health):

  • Student must have been seen by their medical provider during the current semester (or within the last 6 months).
  • Student must complete the required Health Evaluation Form and it must be submitted directly to our office via fax (704-687-1969) by the medical provider. Students are responsible for giving their medical provider the most up-to-date version of the Health Evaluation Form. We are currently accepting the “Revised October 2021” version which can also be found under the “FORMS” tab. The committee and/or Associate Dean (depending on request type) will decide based on the request and the documentation if the withdrawal request is a reasonable accommodation.
  • The Health Evaluation Form must be completed in its entirety (including the student’s portion of page 1) and the medical provider must provide information that speaks to the dates of the office/treatment visits, the way(s) in which the medical concern has impacted the student’s ability to complete studies, and the recommended treatment plan.
  • Student must follow the treatment plan in order to return to the University. Please see information on the Petition to Return Process (separate from the WE process and to be completed upon the student’s desired return to the University following a Full WE).

Personal/Family Emergency:

  • For situations involving the death of an immediate family member, a copy of the death certificate and/or an obituary showing the name of the person who died must be submitted. If the obituary is submitted, it must show the relation to the student. A relationship between the student and the family member must be verified in order to grant the withdrawal.
  • For situations regarding care of a family member, a letter from a medical professional confirming the situation and the student’s role as caregiver must be submitted on letterhead.
  • These are some examples of documentation to support a personal WE. If a student has a question, please call Student Assistance and Support Services.

Personal Hardship:

Examples of a personal hardship may include, but are not limited to: homelessness, divorce, fire and/or flooding of residence.

  • The student must articulate how the personal hardship is affecting their academic and personal obligations. The student must submit strong evidence supporting their circumstance.
  • A signed letter on official letterhead from an appropriate official such as, attorney, counselor, law enforcement agent, court official, or other appropriate source, which specifies the following:
    • The date(s) the student, parent, and/or family member(s) were affected by the incident.
    • Dates in an official letter must align with and/or support the circumstances and timelines reported on your request form.


  • The student should provide official and active military orders, which must include the specific dates that the student has been called for military service or other require military duties.