What Qualifies for a Withdrawal with extenuating circumstance (WE)?

A Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances (WE) is for students who are unable to complete their coursework for the current term due to an extenuating circumstance.

Reasons which meet criteria to request a WE:

Personal/Family Emergency:

Death in the family to include significant other, child, sibling, parent, grandparent(s) and/or request to care for a seriously ill child or other immediate family member.

Personal Hardship:

Homelessness, divorce, fire and/ or flooding of residence.

Medical (Physical and/or Mental Health):

Situations due to physical health and/or psychological circumstances. 

Military Orders:

For students who are ordered to report to any circumstance surrounding military duty (active duty, training, etc.).

Reasons which do not meet criteria:

**Please note that the following situations may not qualify for a WE in and of themselves. If you have questions on whether or not your situation falls under criteria, please call Student Assistance and Support Services.**

  • Poor performance in coursework
  • Not wanting to use the 16 self withdrawal credits
  • Missed deadlines, including the add/drop deadline or self-withdrawal deadline for a given term
  • Not receiving enough financial aid
  • Change of major or no longer meeting the academic requirements of your major
  • Dropping courses to avoid failing grades
  • Work or job responsibilities that impact class attendance
  • Probationary standing