To Connect With Our Office:

Call us. To reach the main SASS office, call 704-687-0289

Email us. Email us at studentsupport@charlotte.edu. We will respond to voicemails and emails during normal business hours. ​

Submit a concern. If you have concerns for a student, please complete an online Care & Concern Referral Form. Your referral will be assigned to a member of our staff for review and response. Please include as much relevant information as possible. This form should not be used to report immediate concerns for health and safety. 

Report an Emergency. If there is an immediate concern for health or safety or to report an emergency situation, please contact Police & Public Safety at 704-687-2200.

While a student may have every intention of completing the semester, Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS) understands that sometimes obstacles arise which prevent this from happening. There are many resources on and off campus to assist students when these challenges occur; however, there may be a need for a student to step away from the university when they are unable to handle their coursework due to the extenuating circumstance(s). A withdrawal due to extenuating circumstance is a withdrawal granted to those students who have experienced an event outside of their control that has impacted their academic life.

Students can explore various options including a partial withdrawal with extenuating circumstances, which is one or more classes; or a full withdrawal with extenuating circumstances, which is the entire course load for the semester.

Please review all information regarding polices, procedures, implications and deadlines prior to submitting the request form that meets your specific needs. It is important to note the potential impact that a withdrawal may have on a student such as, but not limited to: financial aid, housing, health insurance, meal plan, veteran benefits, visa status, athletic status and/or academic implications. Be sure to meet with the appropriate campus representatives to review your situation. Students are responsible for adhering to deadlines regarding the Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances process. It is important to meet posted deadlines to ensure full and timely consideration of your request.