Partial Withdrawal Process

A Partial Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances (Partial WE) is for students who are trying to withdraw from SOME, but not all, of their classes in the current semester. This process is for students who would benefit from a reduced course load and are utilizing campus/community resources to help them succeed in their remaining classes. Please review information on the Partial WE process in its entirety, found below, before submitting a request form.

Important information:

  • The Office of Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS) only handles current term withdrawal with extenuating circumstances (WE) requests! Students wanting a WE from a previous term (meaning a term that has already ended) must submit an academic petition through their Banner Self-Service account.
  • Students requesting a Partial WE will need to provide clarification and supporting documentation as to why they are only pursing a partial withdrawal verses a full-term withdrawal.
  • SASS does not make decisions on Partial WE requests. Partial WE requests are submitted by SASS on the student’s behalf through an academic petition to the Associate Dean of the student’s academic college.
  • Once the current semester ends (last day of classes), SASS will not accept any requests for partial withdrawals due to extenuating circumstances for this semester. Once classes end for the current term, students will be responsible for submitting an academic petition via Banner Self-Service.
  • Parts of Term classes: Students may be enrolled in a Part of Term class within a full semester (fall or spring). Students enrolled in Part of Term classes should review information for how these short term classes are affected by a WE.
  • Please make sure that your circumstance falls under the criteria for a WE before submitting a request. If a circumstance does not qualify for a WE, a student will need to utilize their 16 self-withdrawal credit hours or reach out to their academic advisor and/or academic college to discuss alternative options.
  • It is imperative that students reach out Niner Central to discuss any financial implications that may come from doing a WE.
  • Graduate students are encouraged to speak with their program coordinator and/or academic advisor to discuss the implications of a Partial WE on their graduate plan of study.

Required Steps For Partial WE

Students must complete the following steps by 5pm on the last day of classes in order for Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS) to submit the request to the student’s academic college for review and decision.

Step 1 – Discuss your Intent with your Academic Advisor

There can be academic implications for completing a Partial WE. Your academic advisor will be able to answer any specific academic questions and discuss any impacts to your academic plan of study.

Step 2 – Submit a Partial WE Request Form

To begin the process of applying for a Partial WE, students must complete the appropriate request form. This form will only be accepted until 5pm on the last day of classes for the current term.

Step 3 – Submit Supporting Documentation

Students are responsible for gathering and submitting supporting documentation to the Office of Student Assistance and Support Services. Students should review information regarding documentation criteria. Please note that if you need to submit the Health Evaluation Form, the completed form must be faxed to the SASS Office directly by the medical provider.

Getting A Decision

A student’s Partial WE request and supporting documentation will be sent to the student’s academic college for the Associate Dean to review and make a decision. A decision letter will be sent to the student via their university email address once a decision has been made.


  • The student will be withdrawn without grades for the specific classes in which the WE is approved. The student will see a designation of “WE” for the relevant classes.


  • If a student’s request is denied, their current grades will remain in place. Students are given the opportunity to appeal this decision through the Provost Office. The decision of the Provost Office is final.
  • Information on the appeal process, if needed, is available for review.


Students requesting a Partial WE should ensure that their request form AND supporting documentation are submitted to SASS no later than 5pm on the last day of classes for the semester. Incomplete requests cannot be processed. SASS submits completed Partial WE requests on a rolling basis throughout the semester. SASS is unable to assist students with Partial WE requests after the last day of classes for a given semester.