Implications of Withdrawal

Students granted a Partial Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances (WE) are not issued a refund. Students approved for a Partial WE are relieved of their academic responsibilities (i.e. attending class, completing assignments, etc.) for the course(s) in which they are approved.

Students granted a Full Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances (WE) may have additional financial and administrative ties to University Housing, Student Accounts, Student Health Insurance, and other UNC Charlotte offices. Students who are approved for a Full WE are not automatically released from other contractual obligations, such as housing, dining, and parking. Those contracts must be addressed separately with the responsible departments. Veteran and International Students pursuing a Full WE should discuss possible implications with appropriate offices. Students assume academic and financial responsibility for the courses in which they enroll. Students approved for a Full WE are relieved of their academic responsibilities (i.e. attending class, completing assignments, etc.). Students who have fully withdrawn from the University are no longer eligible to reside in student housing, participate in student activities or benefits, or have access to facilities or programs operated for the benefit of students.

Even if a student is approved for a Partial or Full Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances, a withdrawal approval does not remove the associated tuition/fee charges or any other amounts owed to the University if the request is approved after the add/drop deadline. If a student is approved for a Full WE, the amount of the reduction, if any, will be determined by the date on which the student withdraws from the University and in accordance with the University’s official Withdrawal Tuition and Fees Adjustment Schedule. Student Assistance and Support Services strongly recommends that any student interested in a withdrawal contact Niner Central directly to discuss the potential financial impacts of various options on their student account. Students who request a Full WE through SASS are required to have a financial consultation with Niner Central as part of the process.

Students can separately submit a Tuition, Housing, and Dining Appeal (THD Appeal) to request further consideration for removal and/or reduction of the tuition/fees for any courses that have been approved for a WE. Students should not submit a THD Appeal until their withdrawal has been fully processed.

Financial AID considerations:

Partial and/or Full Withdrawals with Extenuating Circumstances may impact a student’s Financial Aid award. Depending on the date of withdrawal, the Financial Aid Office may require the student to pay back money already received. It is strongly encouraged for students to meet directly with a staff member in Niner Central before a withdrawal is processed to discuss any Financial Aid impacts of a WE.

Housing and Residence Life considerations:

During the Fall and Spring academic semesters, all existing and future housing assignments are cancelled once a Full Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances (WE) is processed. Students approved for a Full WE have 24-48 hours once notified of their approval to vacate their residence hall space. Students who are approved for a Full WE that are released from their housing contract and choose to return in the same academic year, must reside back on campus. Failure to do so will result in a charge of fees.

Requirements for Summer Term housing are different than those of the academic year. Full WEs for the Summer Term are reviewed by Housing and Residence Life on a case by case basis to determine if the student who withdrew continues to meet the eligibility criteria for Summer housing. Full WEs for Summer Terms do not automatically result in the cancellation of future academic year assignments.

Students who are interested in requesting a Full WE who also reside on-campus, should contact Housing and Residence Life to further discuss their housing contract and any necessary steps to cancel their contract, particularly if a student decides to cancel their housing contract and vacate the space prior to receiving a decision on their Full WE request. Students who are approved for a Full WE will receive communication directly from Housing and Residence Life staff with information on move-out deadlines and requirements, including turning in keys. Failure to complete required move-out instructions may result in additional fines.

Dining Considerations:

Students who currently have a meal plan should contact Dining Services to discuss cancelling their meal plan if they are requesting a Full Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances.

Parking Considerations:

Students who return a parking permit may apply to receive a prorated refund based on the date of purchase and date of return. Students who are requesting a Full Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances who wish to cancel their parking permit should contact Parking and Transportation Services.

Veteran Students:

Students who receive military orders or have questions about their Veteran benefits should contact the Veteran Services Office.

International Students:

Students with an F-1 or J-1 Visa who are requesting a Full Withdrawal with Extenuating Circumstances should meeting with staff in the International Student and Scholar Office to discuss implications of a full withdrawal on visa status.

Student Health Insurance:

Students must be enrolled at UNC Charlotte in order to use Student Health Center services. When students withdraw from the University, whether they receive a refund of the Health Fee or not, they are not eligible for medical services except for one follow-up visit at the discretion of the attending provider for an illness treated immediately prior to the withdrawal. However, students who withdraw from the University may continue to use the Student Health Center pharmacy.

Students who are enrolled in Student Blue Health Insurance and who plan to withdraw from the University, should review information on Insurance via the Student Health Center, as the withdrawal date impacts the potential insurance coverage end date. Students are advised to read through information on the Health Insurance FAQ, specifically under the question: “What if you withdraw from UNC Charlotte?”

For questions about insurance, contact the Student Insurance Office in the Student Health Center at 704-687-7435.